Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia

Natural Family Planning

In my practice I encourage and promote natural methods of family planning—there are several methods available. For those interested and motivated, I highly recommend that reproductive age women consider a method that will work in harmony with their sensitive reproductive physiology. 

Natural Methods-advantages.

  • Simple to learn
  • Inexpensive to use
  • Readily available (see resources below).
  • Successfully used by women with varied economic and educational backgrounds
  • Useful during all phases of reproduction---, premarital cycle tracking and temperatures; breast feeding, perimenopause.
  • Helpful in controlling and understanding physiology of PMS, irregular ovulation, fertility problems, thyroid disease.
  • Immediately reversible.
  • Allows couples to appreciate a woman’s short fertile time (6-8 days).
  • Allows couples to accurately know when ovulation/ conception has occurred to help in planning their baby’s due date.
  • Methods have been 98-99% effective worldwide in postponing pregnancy.
  • Empowers couples to communicate and discern their ability/timing to bring a new baby into the world.

RESOURCES—research; find a method you and your spouse enjoy and invest in learning it!

  • Family of the Americas-www.familyplanning.net
  • Napro Technology-www.naprotechnology.com
  • Couple to couple league-www.ccli.org
  • Northwest Family Services-great on line program-www.nwfs.org
  • Marquette Method-nfp.marquette.edu

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